Most used emojis of german newspapers in 2021 (Jan-Sep)

We analysed ~14000 insta posts of german newspapers in 2021 . One snapshot is a wordcloud of emojis. (Bigger the emoji -> More used). Took me quite a while to successfully extract the emojis with the correct regex expressions.

You can see the updated and interactive (hover-) version here.

The following 16 newspaper accounts on instagram were tracked:

  • mzwebde
  • morgenpost
  • hamburgermorgenpost
  • stuttgarterzeitung
  • sz
  • tagesspiegel
  • bild
  • faz
  • welt
  • zeit

You cleary see some main events in 2021: Covid-19 Pandemic and Soccer EM (also a disaster for Germany). Glad to see also a big rainbow emoji at the wordcloud.

There is a huge difference n the average number of used emojis among the accounts.

Full study is coming Dec 2021/Jan 2022.

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